Cocktail dress ideas for men and women

Published: 10th December 2009
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Cocktail party adds spruce to life. An invitation of cocktail party makes one jump on his or her seat. Main exciting thing about this party is cocktail dress which turns man or woman into a smart looking person, who loves party. One should dress up as per the type of party whether formal, informal or casual to add zeal to looks.

Cocktail dresses are of various types for various types of cocktail parties. There is no dearth as you have ample options to choose from; just you have to pick the right one. It all depends on the kind of party you are going to have. Invitation speaks about the type of party like if you have received invitation through a phone call, SMS or mail then understands it is casual party. However if invitation tells dress code then it is a formal event and you need to be dressier. Thus invitation will let you now about the type of party.

For going into deep about cocktail party dress read the tips mentioned below. They will help you in looking perfect and will turn eyeballs towards you as you enter the room. Tips are mentioned in two parts, first for men and second for women, after all men and women together make show of the party.

For Men

Best attire for men for formal cocktail party is black trouser paired with a shirt. Shirt should have check design on it or have vertical stripes. Wear jacket above shirt and black or brown shoes. This combination is perfect for formal party to exude the elegant look.

For daytime cocktail party dressing casually is perfect. Jeans with t-shirt will work well. Fabric wise cotton, linen or other light fabrics are good. It is better to dress light.

Evening parties always asks for dressy appearance, thus if it's an evening cocktail party be ready to shine by looking classy. Wear shimmering shirt with black, blue or any dark colored trouser. Black tie, leather belt and polished shiny shoes are good for accessorizing.

For a dinner cocktail party stick to formals. If attire and color theme are decided, go for them.

For Women

For a formal cocktail party full length gowns, tea length dresses, skirt and a top paired with jacket, are good to wear. They give perfect formal look.

For an afternoon cocktail party you can dress casually. Also wear something light. Off-shoulder dress, strapless dress, one shoulder gowns, classy straight gowns or any length skirt made of cotton or linen are appropriate.

Evening cocktail party demands to be classy and dressy, which women love the most. A-line dresses, silk gowns, velvet gowns, beaded gowns, evening gowns etc. are appropriate ones. These outfits give dash to appearance and make you look like a queen of the party.

Accessories are right hand of women which are must for her to wear whatever party she has to attend. It includes nice pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, fingering etc. Also apply make up. They make appearance glamorous.

These cocktail dress ideas are very fruitful and can make your cocktail party one of the best moments of your life.

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